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Calling all Baby Boomers… Why let the Millennials & Gen Z’s have all the fun. Listen, I’m a Jewellery Designer and Valuer and have been watching the evolving rise and interest in the marketplace the younger generation have for Laboratory Grown Diamonds for Engagement & Dress Rings & other Jewellery items. I am sure most baby boomers have dreamt of one day buying an eye-popping diamond to love, wear and enjoy. Now here is your chance to tick off the bucket list. Technology has developed with regards to laboratory grown diamonds, they have the same properties as the natural diamonds and the younger generation have been wearing and enjoying them for several years now.


Lab Grown Diamond Designs 1

What if I told you that you can buy an 18ct yellow, white, rose, or two-tone gold solitaire diamond ring with a 2.00-2.09ct carat diamond for around $4000 to $5,000 (instead of 44K-54K).
Call me on 0411 256 459 or see www.ezekieljewellery.com. Just like a natural diamond, these Lab-grown diamonds come certified with an IGI, GIA or HRD Laboratory Diamond Report.


Lab Grown Diamond Designs 2

Note: Prices will vary with the carat weight, colour from a D to H, clarity from VS1 to SI1, Ex3, and final gold weights of rings, with the custom design of your choosing. Below are some possibilities. This deal is for everyone young or old…What are you waiting for…

Lab Grown Diamond Designs 3



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