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Jewellery Valuations Perth

All valuation work will be ceasing from the 1st November 2023 as I am transitioning into semi-retirement.

Other services such as repairs, custom made jewellery will continue by appointment only.

Look out for Christine’s Favourite Jewellery coming soon! After years in the business, I have put together a small collection of tried and tested current fashion items. All the hard work and stress of finding quality current and popular jewellery items at affordable prices will be found here soon!

FIND A VALUER AFTER THE 1st November 2023 at https://ncjv.com.au/

Any Jewellery queries can be done via the Contact Form or by Phone on 0411 256 459.

A professional valuation is an important safeguard if your jewellery is lost, stolen or damaged for many reasons. It provides proof of ownership in the happy event that the jewellery is recovered. Insurance companies are unlikely to provide full compensation for an expensive piece of jewellery unless you can prove its true value.

A valuation also gives you a comprehensive description of the item, which is invaluable if you decide to have the piece remade. Valuation is also an effective means of ensuring you receive a fair price if you sell your jewellery, provided the valuation is undertaken for that reason.

Professional valuation is not a case of simply looking at an item and guessing a price. It is a complex process that uses specialized equipment and requires a high level of expertise to determine the quality and value of all the parts of the jewellery item. NCJV Registered Valuers™ are trained to identify the tiniest details that can affect a valuation and have many years of experience.

Member of the National Council of Jewellery Valuers (NCJV) we are highly skilled experts trained in providing accurate assessments of all types of jewellery. Our detailed reports are essential when claiming insurance for lost, stolen or damaged items, when seeking a fair price at a sale or if you want to purchase a new piece of jewellery. NCJV valuers can provide an assessment that is based on accredited education. See YouTube Link below to give you better insight to the process of Jewellery Valuing.

The NCJV Management Committee in conjunction with the State Divisions has produced a video promoting the association and highlighting why a Registered Valuer should be used.

It is wise for consumers to only accept valuation certificates that clearly state the purpose of the document e.g. insurance, deceased estate, auction, private sale or divorce settlement – and the type of market on which valuation is based. The different markets and reasons for a valuation include:

RETAIL: A detailed assessment that estimates the likely replacement price at a traditional shop. This type of valuation is often used by insurance companies.

AUCTION RESERVE: The minimum hammer price achievable in an ideal auction market, where time is not a factor. This figure does not include premiums or commissions which can vary at each auction.

NON-FORCED SALE, SECOND HAND, PRIVATE SALE: An estimate of a reasonable second-hand price between a willing buyer and seller in a fair or specialised market without time constraints. A value for used items that takes into account the condition, desirability and collectability of the item. In such cases, the valuer acts as an unbiased expert and GST, sales tax or duty is not included in the valuation.

FORCED SALE: The price that can be expected when an article must be sold within a short time frame in potentially non-ideal market conditions.

DIVORCE PROPERTY SETTLEMENT: The Family Court may require a valuation of jewellery in a divorce settlement. Written directions are provided by the solicitors with the valuation usually based on “fair market value”, although this may vary.

DECEASED ESTATE: Again, written directions are provided by the lawyer or executor of the will, with the valuation reflecting the current market value or the requirements of the will.


  • Member of the National Council of Jewellery Valuers (NCJV)
  • Diploma in Valuing  
  • Diploma of Diamond Technology 
  • Diploma of Gemmology 
  • Registered Valuer – Number 58 
  • Member of the Gemmological Association of Australia


  • Gems and jewellery consultation
  • Complete diamond grading and gem identification 
  • Insurance Purposes
  • Family Dispute Purposes
  • Estate Division,  Sorting and Probate
  • Customs
  • Police Purposes
  • Technical Reports
  • Consultations
  • Superannuation Purposes



• MINIMUM FEE: from $110.00 per piece inclusive of GST, for stone set Jewellery,
Includes Report with Photo

• VALUING SERVICE FEES: $185.00 per hour inclusive of GST

• PLAIN GOLD FEE: from $77.00 inclusive of GST (items under $5,000.00)

• STONE IDENTIFICATION FEE: from $75.00 per gemstone for a quick on the spot
verbal ID only. Full reports from $110.00 minimum to $185 per hour inclusive of GST.
Laboratory Worksheet – Refractive Index, microscope, and other tests.


• ON SPOT VALUING: By Appointment Only – from $370.00 first hour then $200.00
per hour.

• PINK DIAMONDS: Quotes upon sight (Volatile Market)

• QUOTING: Is more accurate upon sight of Jewellery items

• POSTAGE: Price on application

Same day valuation service by appointment.

On site appraisals available

By Appointment only, with approximately one to two week turn around.

Christine Ezekiel

Hi, I am Christine Ezekiel. Welcome to my website. I am a certified and registered expert jewellery valuer, jewellery designer and gemmologist.

It has been my pleasure to serve the Perth community for the last 30 years. It is incredibly satisfying to create an original piece of jewellery that will be worn and loved for a lifetime. And to keep it safe with an accurate and true valuation.

Working from home allows me offer very reasonable prices. No piece is too small. As long as it is loved I am happy. With my industry contacts and independent status, I am uniquely positioned to provide an exceptional service in assisting you in the acquisition or creation of something truly unique and precious.

Please feel free to contact me via email or phone if you have any questions.

  • Member of the National Council of Jewellery Valuers
  • Member of the Gemmological Association of Australia
  • Registered Valuer – Number 58
  • Diploma of Diamond Technology
  • Diploma of Gemmology
  • Diploma of Applied Gemmology (Valuation)
  • Advanced Diamonds Certificate – Natural, Synthetic and Treated Diamonds Perth



Perth Jewellery Design & Valuing
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