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Lab Grown diamonds vs Real Diamonds

LAB CREATED DIAMONDS REVIEW…A jewellery valuer, diamond grader and gemmologist’s personal opinion



I am still on the fence when it comes to laboratory grown diamonds. I really can’t say why, but below I have compiled the five top benefits and to why you may want to purchase laboratory grown diamonds!

  • They are much cheaper than natural diamonds
  • Ethically produced (marketed accordingly)
  • Same gemmological properties, beauty, hardness and adamantine lustre
  • Even an experienced valuer will find it difficult to differentiate
  • You can buy a bigger diamond of better colour and clarity

Whether the industry likes it or not, they are coming to our shores from the USA and into our jewellery shops now. Even DeBeers are on this bandwagon. What I am seeing in all the Gem & Diamond Publications is that DeBeers are spending millions of dollars on branding their very own laboratory grown diamonds. There are also many other factories now manufacturing their own laboratory grown diamonds. So, I am letting you know I have access to these goods if anyone is interested. They are sold in exactly the same way as their natural counterparts. VS, VVS, SI, H, G, F etc.

Laboratory Grown Diamond Stud Earrings

It is being said that in the USA as much as half of retailers engagement ring sales are laboratory grown diamonds. They are surprised that this particular synthetic has attained this much traction so quickly. What is still to be seen is if production continues to grow at the current pace, will prices continue to slide. We can only wait and see what happens…?

Laboratory Grown Pink Diamond

When selling a Laboratory Grown Diamond it must be disclosed, and it is often done with a laser inscription on the girdle of the larger diamonds. Did I tell you that you can get colour synthetic diamonds in blue, pink and yellows, that will now make colour more affordable for the average person? For me it is exciting to think I can now buy a substantial pink diamond without the high price tag! Note that it will not interfere with the value of the natural Argyle Province.
I have access to a few suppliers inventory, so let me know if I can serve you with a bigger more affordable diamond for your next purchase.

This diamond is available for purchase – the equivalent natural diamond is $16,000.00
1.08ct $ 5,600.00 as ADGL Report K34237

Note each diamond is laser inscribed with the same number as the certificate with the Biron Laboratory Grown.
A straight 1.00ct D SI1 of same quality $ 5,000.00 Note colours clarity lower are cheaper and colours and clarity higher are more expensive.

Christine Ezekiel

Hi, I am Christine Ezekiel. Welcome to my website. I am a certified and registered expert jewellery valuer, jewellery designer and gemmologist.

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