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The Psychology of Jewellery – Jewellery and your Emotions

Choosing or wearing a piece of jewellery is a very personal experience. I explain this to my client’s time and time again.

Believe me when I say, there are many different emotions involved in choosing and wearing that special piece.

Jewellery evokes emotion – joy, happiness, love, laughter, pride and commitment. Jewellery can even stir up feelings of sadness and jealousy.

For example, there could be sentiment attached. The piece may have been a gift from someone special, a memorable occasion that evokes happiness, joy and lovely memories.

Similarly, a piece of jewellery like a brooch, pendant or a bracelet may have been passed down from family member to family member. It may have sentimental value of time spent with a departed loved-one.

When something goes wrong

There is certainly emotion involved if someone loses a special piece or something happens to it i.e. a diamond falling out or breaking.

We are led to believe that diamonds are forever however a strong knock on the cleavage of a diamond and unfortunately, it will break.

With any stone, if your give it a good wack it will chip the stone.

There is also a common misconception that heirloom items will last forever. It’s funny, we don’t think the pipes in our house will last forever, but a family heirloom, well. Things happen, like pipes burst. Jewellery will wear out, especially if it is worn every day.

That’s why having a solid foundation to a piece of jewellery is so important and means that maintenance can be minimised. A strong structure is vital. If this is lacking, the stones may fall out and that’s when people get upset and angry.

Then there is the hurt experienced by the giver of a piece of jewellery when the person doesn’t wear the item in question. Oh, the stories I could tell…

Emotional Trends

With more than 30 years in the jewellery industry I have seen and experience many trends and fads when it comes to design and choice. It’s popular at the moment for the man to choose the Engagement Ring.

I believe it takes a brave man to choose a diamond ring!

I say this from experiencing numerous emotionally stressed out men sitting across from me with sweaty palms and brow to discuss the design and cost of an Engagement Ring.

This may seem controversial however, guys can easily rationalise purchasing new tyres and mags for their car but when it comes to quality, size and cost of diamonds in a piece of jewellery, they really struggle. 

With a gentle smile, I tell them an Engagement Ring is a constant reminder of their partners love for them. That piece of jewellery is highly valued because it is seen every day, worn with pleasure, shown off to family and friends with pride. All emotions that become entangled with the ring.

I often suggest the gents buy the diamond, so they have something to give their special lady on the day because she will love them forever if she can design her own Engagement Ring.

With any piece of jewellery there is an emotion, whether it’s an Engagement Ring, Eternity Ring, birth stone, bracelet, pendant or ear rings.

With each precious piece I create, I also experience a range of emotions. From the privilege of being trusted with their story, their time and their money to pride when the piece is complete, the client and recipient is happy and finally satisfaction for another job well done.

To induce those lovely, happy emotions make sure you spend the time and money on quality design and crafts-womanship. 

Christine Ezekiel

Hi, I am Christine Ezekiel. Welcome to my website. I am a certified and registered expert jewellery valuer, jewellery designer and gemmologist.

It has been my pleasure to serve the Perth community for the last 30 years. It is incredibly satisfying to create an original piece of jewellery that will be worn and loved for a lifetime. And to keep it safe with an accurate and true valuation.

Working from home allows me offer very reasonable prices. No piece is too small. As long as it is loved I am happy. With my industry contacts and independent status, I am uniquely positioned to provide an exceptional service in assisting you in the acquisition or creation of something truly unique and precious.

Please feel free to contact me via email or phone if you have any questions.

  • Member of the National Council of Jewellery Valuers
  • Member of the Gemmological Association of Australia
  • Registered Valuer – Number 58
  • Diploma of Diamond Technology
  • Diploma of Gemmology
  • Diploma of Applied Gemmology (Valuation)
  • Advanced Diamonds Certificate – Natural, Synthetic and Treated Diamonds Perth



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